Asset management

Asset management

Asset management

Asset Management by ZETA Group

The asset management professionals at ZETA have a long and proven track-record of operating in extremely difficult terrains and circumstances.

ZETA’s core strengths are helping plant owners to maximise efficiencies, cost-savings whilst proactively working to enhance safety and the longevity of the plant with minimal downtime. We always strive to help our clients achieve the best MTTM possible.


Our Asset Manager Position Description

Our highly skilled team of asset managers will assist you with all aspects of running your portfolio of assets efficiently.

Our primary role is to provide professional support by assisting with the day-to-day administration, financial, capital and operations of the assets we manage on your behalf. Our primary function is to optimise and enhance every aspect of your asset’s management.

Our Asset Manager Responsibilities

We believe that the needs and motivators of each of our clients are unique, and so the solutions we provide are unique too.

Although our solutions are all bespoke, we do still work to a methodical framework to ensure we have a blueprint that will help us contribute to your success.

Our Typical Approach to Asset Management Can Be Summarised As Follows;

• Set out the context of the plan

• Demonstrate to the client how it contributes to the achievement of their corporate objectives

• Develop an appropriate scorecard containing adequate metrics and performance indicators

• Present a clear and auditable Asset Management Plan process allowing for revision/improvements

• and updating as deemed necessary over time.

• Energy Efficiency Studies

• Cost Efficiency

• Environmental Impact Assessments

• Decommissioning and Abandonment Assessments